Flyboard Florida Keys

Stay tuned for the latest and greatest experience to hit The Florida Keys and United States in a long time, Flyboard!! Have some fun in the sun while flying through the air on a Flyboard. It has been described as a mixture of power and weightlessness. Most anybody can do it because of the shallow learning curve. Most people are getting the hang of it in minutes but don’t let it fool you, you won’t be getting bored with Flyboarding any time soon, you will be constantly learning, every time you go out and Flyboard.

Flyboard Maneuverability

Zapata Racing started to develop the Flyboard during Spring 2011. Their strength is their experience in racing and building jet skis. After several Flyboard prototypes, they succeeded to get out of water and stabilize in the air thanks to the hand stabilization. A month was spent learning, understanding, and improving the flight. World wide patents were created and then the Flyboard was introduced at the jet ski World Championship in China. Flyboard created a huge buzz, it ended up all over on television stations and it’s YouTube video had over 15 million hits in 15 days.

The Flyboard is a machine which allows propulsion underwater and in the air, powered by a water jet from just about any 100 horse power plus jet ski. There are two water jet nozzles under your feet and a smaller one attached to each wrist. The nozzles under your feet provide 90% of the propulsion while the wrist nozzles provide stabilization and the other 10% of the propulsion. The tilting of your feet and legs as well as the movement of your arms provides stabilization and maneuverability.
The Flyboard has two versions. One that allows one person to operate it and one that requires two people to operate it.  The one person version requires the Electronic Management System Kit which makes precision flying much easier. The two person version has one person controlling the flying while on the Flyboard and the other person sitting on the jet ski operating the throttle.

The Electronic Management Kit Includes:
1 RIGHT HAND TRIGGER which sends a signal to an electronic card in the PWC.
1 LEFT HAND COMBO Start/Stop and Emergency stop.
1 ELECTRIC CABLE that links with the electronic card.
1 ROTATION SYSTEM composed of specific polymer bearings which allows the rotation of the wiring inside the hose.
1 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM composed of a learning mode which manages power.
1 ELECTRIC SERVO inside the electric box.
1 ACCELERATOR CABLE, different according to the PWC model which links the electrical motor and throttle body.
Quick disconnects will be available to turn your jet ski back in to a jet ski in minutes.

After only a few minutes you can move underwater like a dolphin and challenge gravity like Superman! Between 2 and 20 minutes are needed to learn how to hover above the water with an instructor.

Contact Florida Keys Kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding to purchase your very own, must have, Flyboard. Pricing will be $8,000.00 to $12,000.00 depending on the options you want such as the Electronic Management Kit or the quick disconnect.

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